Previous Kaduna official, Senator Shehu Sani has proposed an arrangement for Nigerians who will be repatriated from South Africa.

Following Xenophobia assaults on Nigerians, there have been plans to repatriate a few Nigerians from South Africa

Inhabitants of inns in eastern Johannesburg walked along Jules Street in the territory, requesting that “outsiders must return to where they originated from”.

Sani, talking on the improvement recommended that President Muhammadu Buhari drove government ought to offer help to Nigerians returning home.

The previous legislator, in any case, kicked against the legislature proposing ‘trademoni’ strengthening plan as pay for them.

On his Twitter page, Sani stated: “The Federal government should make sufficient courses of action and give sensible help to Nigerians who chose to return home and start another life.

“Kindly don’t consider connecting them up with Vice President tradermoni 10k..biko!”

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