The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has hammered Chief Edwin Clark for supposedly speareheading an enemy of Muslim crusade in his locale.

MURIC guaranteed that Christians in Kiagbodo people group, the main residence of the senior statesmen, Clark, in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State, have halfway demolished a mosque being worked by an indigene, Mallam Abubakar Korokeme.

MURIC said the mosque was assaulted medium-term last Sunday.

The Islamic human rights association said it put the a lot of the fault on the senior statesman.

The gathering’s case was contained in a press articulation to DAILY POST on by the Director of MURIC, Professor Ishaq Akintola, on Monday.

It included, “The buck stops at Chief Edwin Clark’s table. He is regarded in the region and in the entire state and his supposition holds influence. Edwin Clark is knowledgeable and generally uncovered. He is a previous representative. He should know better. How might he contend that a mosque couldn’t be permitted in his locale since it is a transcendently Christian condition? Is that what the Nigerian Constitution state? Is Clark disclosing to us that even as an ex-congressperson, he doesn’t realize that there is opportunity of religion?

“Congressperson Edwin Clark has baffled us. There is no landmass on the planet that Clark has not visited. He saw mosques in Texas. He saw mosques in Toronto. He has been to Britain and the last has various sorts of mosques. However these are Christian nations. You can see the difficulty confronting Nigeria. The literati are misdirecting customary people.

“On second thought. Abubakar Korokeme is an indigene of the network. However his kin won’t enable him to manufacture a mosque. The mosque isn’t simply in the city yet directly inside Abubakar’s private compound. However older folks in the network driven by Chief Edwin Clark urged Christian young people to outrage against an honest man since he is a Muslim. We know how this game is played. The seniors should quit accusing the young. Boss Edwin Clark should investigate the mirror. What he sees is a Muslim-hater.

“MURIC isn’t unconscious that over 80% of the chapels in the North are worked by nonindigenous. However Christians in Delta State won’t permit a mosque being developed by an indigene to stand. They pulled down a segment of the mosque stowing away under the reason that it may be utilized by herders as a base in the network. That reason is practically ridiculous, most insidious and exceptionally indefensible.

“We approach the entire world to perceive how Muslims are being treated in their very own nation and all alone land in Delta State. Indeed, even in Rivers State, Islamophobia is the standard. We charge every single world association to note who is showing religious devotion.

“Simply a week ago, an entire senator administered the destruction of Trans-Amadi Central Mosque in Port Harcourt. At that point he took writers there without anyone else to organize a hocus pocus of a press instructions where he guaranteed no mosque at any point existed at the spot. Indeed, Asari Dokubo’s video clasp has uncovered all that as sheer official abracadabra.

“History does not overlook since today was conceived from the bellies of yesterday. We are putting it on record that Nigerian Christians were the first to begin wrecking mosques, first in Port Harcourt in Rivers State and after that in Kiagbodo, Delta State.

“We have engaged Muslims especially in Northern Nigeria to oppose the compulsion to fight back and they have tuned in to us. We rehash our allure today. Disregard the holy places. Contact no Christian. The individuals who annihilated our mosques are false professors in the Almighty God. They are haters of their kindred men.

“We ask Governor Ifeanyi Okonwa of Delta State to give sufficient security to Muslims in the state as it is now evident that they are living amidst enemies. The world is viewing.

“We guarantee the minority Muslim families in Delta, Rivers and different spots that we are with them in these difficult minutes. They ought to keep on maintaining the uprightness of Islam, to stay solid in confidence, enduring and enthusiastic. We request that they contemplate over the expressions of Allah, ‘So don’t lose heart. Try not to fall into gloom since you will triumph if without a doubt you are Muminuun (unwavering)’.

“By a similar token, we charge the Commissioner of Police to do the needful. Muslims in the state have turned into an imperiled species. They need security and the police must meet the challenge at hand. They are citizens as well and they have Allah-given central human rights which are presently being stomped on upon without risk of punishment. We request police activity. The individuals who annihilated piece of the mosque must be captured and charged to court for trespass, wilful harm, and acts equipped for causing a rupture of the harmony.

“We have a message for the American Congress. You have welcomed Christian pioneers and ministers from Nigeria to address Congress in the wake of making false claims about Christians being executed in our nation. When will you give Muslim pioneers and Imams a similar chance to express their own side of the story? Or on the other hand is that not the way, decency, and value go? Is vote based system about inclination and eliteness? Or on the other hand is the American Congress adversely affected by the nearness of Muslim priests?

“As we raise from this session, we advance to Muslims across the nation to practice most extreme tolerance. They ought to stay cool and decent. We should not enable any type of savagery to eject on the grounds that Nigeria needs harmony to create. The projects of the present organization can’t prevail in a tempestuous climate. The individuals who are building scorn for Muslims and fanning the coals of religious war wish to see Nigeria go up on fire. They are holding on to see Muslims fight back so they can dispatch another phlebotomy campaign. We should baffle them.”

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