Older sibling Naija 2019, BBNaija, housemate, Tacha, has mixed responses online for assaulting individual housemate, Seyi.

Tacha had on Sunday during BBNaija live ousting show guaranteed Seyi has not accomplished what she has at 23 years old.

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Ripping into Seyi while addressing Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Tacha focused on that Seyi’s age does not mean he has sense, including that ‘Astuteness isn’t in age’

In like manner, Seyi depicted Tacha as a “senseless young lady who attempts to act hoodlum.”

Tacha’s ‘accomplishment’ explanation has since blended responses from BBNaija fans on Twitter, who drew examinations among Tacha and Seyi’s accomplishments outside BBNaija house.

Here are a few responses assembled by DAILY POST from Twitter:

@Officialnancey “Tacha originated from a customary Nigerian white collar class family (right me if am off-base) Uncle Seyi originated from an outstanding Family that their name alone will consequently open entryways for you so yea on the off chance that he wasn’t Awolowo’s grandson.”

@Wizman4 “Tacha’s accomplishments at 23 are

1.A tattoo of Davido on her chest


3.Twerking. The rundown is unending.”

@AdebiyiDeeone “Seyi has featured in a few TV plugs. Included on a few association plugs like; Etisalat, Herbal toothpaste, Broken throws and team. He was additionally engaged with the battle for previous Governor Ambode.

Seyi is a PhD holder. Let me know, what has Tacha has accomplished.”

@Phabpresh “Notwithstanding Big Brother, Tacha can never draw near to Seyi, allows truth be realities, just Seyi name alone would open entryways for him, which legitimate brands will need to engage with an Instagram twerker who talks crap, notwithstanding Instagram.

@Verablingz “Without his generational name Seyi wouldn’t be anyplace near the Big Brother house nor gotten any poo in life whatsoever. Tacha had the option to get something without a generational name. She buckled down regardless of whether na by going semi bare on instagram.”

@Ajaosinmisola “Tacha said what she has accomplished at 23 Seyi hasn’t accomplished it, I surmise she thinks nothing about him. If it’s not too much trouble Tacha reveal to us your accomplishments separated from the superstar tattoo on your chest to pick up consideration.”

@Tcarmen22 “I was going to resent Tacha (Still is) until I recollected Seyi directed pernicious sentiments toward Tacha this early Sunday morning and she shockingly didn’t affront him back. This today around evening time was her pepper him day. As Ebuka stated, dish what you can take as well.”

@Holabizy “appears individuals don’t comprehend this entire Seyi and Tacha thing..We are not asking Tacha not to dish it out to Seyi, we’re just saying her reactions aren’t constantly specialized. It just indicates void!

@Kolaibi07 “She should simply quiet down! He turned into a therapeutic specialist at 23 and have just got a name for himself through adverts in Coca Cola and etisalat! Olosho Tacha should quiet down! Instructively she is sub-par compared to Seyi.”

@Sharonstar202 “However beside Seyi’s surname, what has he truly accomplished. Man is continually gloating with his great father’s name.”

@DYJBNL_com “Seyi ought to have utilized the PhD to go accomplish something different as opposed to going for older sibling I remain with Tacha today.”

@iam_acronym “So Tacha thinks on the grounds that Seyi doesn’t have the preferences and supporters on Instagram, he is no one important. Mother said notwithstanding Big Brother in his life. Would it be advisable for us to advise her?

@Mr_Asiwaju “This BBNaija indicates how Nigerians are not predictable with analysis, I was hoping to see individuals slam Seyi for naming Tacha a puto, a dead cerebrum, a kid and a Twat, and how he’s accomplished a few things at her age, Tacha essentially responded a similar way, what’s the complain ?

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