Last week, it was reported that some herbalists raised an alarm after a strange shrine was discovered in the bush on the boundaries of Iworo and Are-Ekiti, in Ekiti state.

Fresh report has it that a man who identified himself as Ifagbolabo Adeyanju has claimed ownership of the strange shrine.

In an interview with Babatunde Bamigboye (Omo Edema) on the purpose of the scary shrine and why he sited it in the bush; Adeyanju from Ado-Ekiti, who claimed he was an herbalist, said that was the better place for him to attend to his costumers.

According to Mr. Kunle, “An herbalist friend from Are-Ekiti came to inform us that he missed his way recently in the bush between Iworoko and Are-Ekiti only to burst out at a strange shrine where he met nobody.

“Two weeks later, a few of us (herbalists) visited the place to confirm his report. What we saw there were very strange to us. All efforts we made to locate the owner or users proved abortive”

Adeyanju said he chose the bush for convenience of his herbal activities. “There are incenses I cannot burn in the town because of their sacredness and other demands.”

He said the bush is called Ijafin and owned by two chiefs from their Family; Chief Elekeran and Chief Onijafin both he said were his uncles. He also claimed that the place had been villages in the past but all later collapsed.

Watch the video below.

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